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For all you fellow kit nerds

I love kit. There, I've said it in public. So here it is, a list of kit we are taking with us. It will change during the walk; as the conditions change, we wear things out and during the Milan fashion week. John, is my kit guru !? although against his advice, I didn't include the nipple clamps, binliner dress or green apron !! Don't ask.

Item Make & model John's Comments


Water 5ltrs This is a lot of water - what criteria are you basing this assessment of consumption on? Reduced
Water bottle Camelbak 3ltr/ Platapus 2ltr A 10 litre water bag - what are you planning to do, go canoeing? Deleted


Food 1 days normal/ 1 days emergency  
Stove + pans 27-6 Trangia (kettle removed) Don't forget washing up liquid, sponge, salt, pepper and oil etc.. Try to get as much in your stove as possible
Fuel Meths You may find that you need a bigger bottle as they might only sell it in 0.75 litre bottles - I have a litre bottle - Changed
Fuel Bottle Trangia 1ltr  
Cutlery Lexan  
Cup 0.4 lts Lexan  
Wooden spoon   Nice homely touch. Possibly swap far a spatula?

Light/ Fire

lighter   Why 2? 1 deleted
Matches   Why bother - for emergency put some wax covered swan vestas in your 1st aid kit - or collect match books
Torch Petzl Tac Tikka Plus Head torch or lantern?
Candle Citronella long burn Have you seen the night light lanterns?


Two man tent hilleberg nallo 2 GT  
Sleeping Bag Vango venom 200 square/ Vango venom 280 square  
Sleeping Mat Therm-a-rest prolite 3 short/ prolite 3 wmn's  
Sleeping Bag Liner Silk square YHA types This should add about 1 season onto your bag rating - is this necessary?


Backpack Osprey Aether 60/ Lowe Alpine Frontier 55ND+10  
Day pack Osprey solo pod 8ltrs  
Rucsack liners   What? Just get some clear plastic rubble sacks you kit nerd ! deleted
Stuff sacks   For sleeping bags? Some use in your sack but they reduce your ability to fit odd shapes into corners
Document wallet    


Money belt   I have seen the shoulder holster type, or are we talking the belt with zip compartment. When I were a lad in OZ I kept a $100 in the lining of my hat. Thought about the wire mesh covers?


Walking Shoes Salomon Extera low/ ???  
Flip-flops   Did you forget to take into account the weight of your wash bag? Just buy some cheap ones when needed
Poncho Wynnster No waterproof jackets?
Wind shirt Montane featherlite Excuse me Mr kit but what is a "wind shirt" and is a "Montane featherlite" what I think it is - Hygiene surely !
Thin fleece Killy 100/ Lowe Alpine Micro grid Zip Hoody  
Walking Shirt TNF Mc Kenzie Plaid Shirt / ???  
Tee Shirt Long Sleeve LA Dryflow long sleeve/ HH longsleeve  
T-Shirts LA Dryzone short sleeve/ 2 TNF Vapourwick Camisoles  
Hats   Possibly buy when needed?
Convertible trousers Mountain hardware/ North Face Just one pair of zip-offs and one pair of shorts, that's a bit light don't you think?
Trousers V light weight ??  
Sarong   This could double as a towel?
pants x 3 LA Dryflo boxers/ LA Dryzone thong Nice to see your going for the sensible BIG Y fronts and Michele has G-strings
Socks x3 Smartwool  
Bra x2 LA Dry zone  
Sunglasses Diesel/ ???  
Bandana   Is this a fashion show or what - don't you mean hankies?
Swimming costume   Possibly a buy when needed item


Medical kit Life systems Trekker  
Storm Whistle    
Insect repellent Life systems Expedition 50  
Sun cream    


Drivers licence    
Loose Passport photos    
CV   Can you put this on your web site?
Photocopies of above   Have some copies ready to post or fax from home
Credit cards    
Travel Insurance BMC  
Vaccination Certs   Where are you planning on walking to? Also tatoo your blood group details onto your neck.


Knife Letherman Fuse  
Gaffa tape   Cable ties?
Bath plug   What the f**k !
Sewkit + strong thread   Why not take weak thread? What's it for - clothes or kit repairs? Fishing line (entertainment value as well)?
Guide books Cut down Lonely Planet/ Michelin campsite guide Linz suggested photocopying the relevant bits
Language dictionary    
Journal, pen   pencil
Watch   To reduce your weight why not shave all your hair off 20-25 grammes !
Playing cards    
Compass   Make sure you know how to use it


Multi purpose Soap Lifeventure All purpose soap Why you taking no soap you smelly git? Ha ha !
Toilet Paper Hi-Gear Biodegradable Nick it as you go
Towel Lifeventure Soft fibre trek towel large beer towel or sarong
Wet wipes   Ahhhh cute
Makeup x5    


Camera Pentax optio s5i ??  
Ipod/ mp3 ipod ? Are you really going to get time to use this - just the one? Who uses it when? Who carries it?
Solar charger EFX  
Mobile phone Sony Ericsson  
Monocular   Possibly leave out? If your desperate

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