Old Odcombe
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"The centre of the known Universe."

Without doubt this has been the hardest page to write. Tom and I have common feeling about our home village.

Odcombe is blessed with being a somewhat hidden village of South Somerset. It hasn't got the grand manor houses of a couple of its neighbours, nor a reference to the beautiful Hamdon Hill in its name. You never particularly drive through it and you can't really put your finger on where it is. Some may say 'tis on thik gert hill' others will claim 'tis botum a' dun lane'. Wherever Odcombe is, Higher, Lower or Under, it has the ability to make you feel welcome. When I first read Tom's quote on Odcombe it struck me to realise how little had changed. The air is still pleasant, the spring water is great, the church will always be a beacon of home, perched on the hill and I hope there will always be love and unity amongst its inhabitants. I can't really comment on the wool though?!

For those that don't know the village it is about 3 miles west of the centre of Yeovil, I say the centre because the 'edge' of Yeovil continues to make its relentless march to Odcombe's borders. It is made up of a number of distinct parts each with its own character.

  • Higher Odcombe is where our landmark Church stands. Visible from everywhere (ish), it overlooks the entire 'goings on' of Yeovil and the surrounding area. For me it has always been the beacon of home, I could see it from school and work and it is always the first inhabitant to welcome me in when returning home.
  • Donne Lane Head is a maze of delightful cottages seemingly 'attached' to the edge of the hill.
  • Woodhouse is really in Montacute !
  • Lower Odcombe is the 'down town' area, possessing Odcombe's only remaining pub. And what an excellent pub !! It has it's own micro brewery, the food is first class and it has that special 'Odcombe' warm welcome!!

I could go on and on !

Please follow the links below to have a look at some picture and to read some quotes about the village. If you have any quote that you would like me to add then please contact us and I'll try to add it. I've also included some links for Odcombe in the links page.

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