Old Odcombe
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Odcombe quotes

Open valley - from the old English ute and cumb. or
"The centre of the known Universe."

Tom Coryate said in 1608: -
Odcombe, was famous for five things: its wholesome and pleasant air; its wool; its Church 'being erected upon so loftie a place that it overprieth and overtoppeth the whole countrie round about', its sweet springs of water, and finally and most important, the love and unity of its inhabitants, 'for we all from the verie highest to the lowest are most firmly knit together in an indissoluble knot of friendship'.
Reverend John Collinson said in 1791: -
This is a considerable parish, three miles west from Yeovil, and six Northwest from Crewkerne; if forms only one tithing, but is divided into four hamlets, viz.
  • Higher-Odcombe, in which stands the church. This part contains forty-six houses.
  • Lower-Odcombe, a street of about thirty-six houses.
  • Woodhouse, half a mile west, three houses.
  • Westbury, half a mile south, two houses.
The whole number of houses is ninety-two, and of inhabitants nearly five hundred; the parish is rated at about eleven hundred pounds per annum. The bailiff for the hundred is always chosen out of it, and here also is kept the pound for strays.
The Domesday Book said in 1086: -
Ansger holds of the Earl [of Morton], Udecome. Edmer held it in the time of King Edward, and gelded for five hides. The arable is five carucates. In demesne are two carucates, and four servants, and ten villanes, and sixteen cottagers, with three ploughs. There is a mill of the rent of seven shillings and sixpence. There are twenty acres of medow, and twelve acres of pasture, and one furlong of coppice wood. It was and is worth one hundred shillings

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